Spears, these pictures are stunning. I'm looking forward to seeing the new photos from your recent trip. Hope you are having a great summer.
Absolutely beautiful photography my friend.
22.Gregg Reinhardt(non-registered)
Hello Spears, I enjoyed meeting you yesterday at the gallery. Your tips on travel in Nepal will be helpful. What a wonderful world we live in! Happy travels.
21.Keith Hedges(non-registered)
Spears, you have a great collection of photographs. I will be looking out for new ones from our recent trip.
20.Sharon Hill(non-registered)
Spears, I'm definitely impressed. Beautiful beautiful work.
17.Mary P Anderson(non-registered)
Nice to finally meet you and see your work in person!
16.Jim Stolpa(non-registered)
Thanks for working so hard to get a great shot of Horsetail Falls. My wife and I love it!!
15.Jim Conner(non-registered)
I've been to several of the places that you photographed. I had forgotten how beautiful they all are.
14.Jim Coleman(non-registered)
Great work Spears. We need to get together for lunch soon so you can tell me more about your photography. Take care.
13.Michael Scott(non-registered)
Spears, it was great to run into you today in the middle of the Smokies. Your work is phenomenal. Keep it up bud!
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